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Our cattery is a small home based haven for our Turkish Angora children.  Al Caliph was established to continue and improve the once thought to be extinct Turkish Angora breed.  We try to bring only high quality traits into our lines to provide examples of what the best of the best can be.   We are located in Roswell, GA, a suburb about 20 miles north of Atlanta.  We show mostly in cat shows in the Southeast but have exhibited as far as VA, WV, TN and MO.

All our cats and kittens are raised in a healthy and loving home.  We keep our little ones  in our home, living underfoot and overhead.   Our queens are kept in a separate area to protect the mother and newborn babies from outside exposure to disease and bacteria until the babies develop immunity of their own.   Once able to get around on their own they are left to roam and discover what life is all about in this isolated area (my bedroom).  They usually end up sleeping in my arms or behind my back  And then there is the one that confiscates my pillow and refuses to give it up.

Our girls have a separate living enclosure.  A large sunny, light and airy sunroom overlooking an expansive flower garden and a forest of trees.  Birds make their home in our yard, squirrels play in the trees and butterflies dance outside the windows.  The boys have the run of the house or have their own quarters in various rooms they share with us humans.

We raise our kittens at weaning on a raw meat diet supplemented with all the essential vitamins needed for their healthy wellbeing.  All vaccinations, rabies and grooming are done to insure a well developed kitten.  Mothers nurse until babies no longer need them which assures them of a good solid bonding for each kitten.  Most important is the loving bonds we humans fuse with each kitten to produce wholesome and well balanced cats.

Our cattery is a CFA registered cattery and we recommend you visit their website at www.CatFanciersAssociation.org  to learn more about the Turkish Angora.  We are members of the Turkish Angora Breed Council helping to promote higher standards in our breed.

We allow our kittens to go to new homes at 4 months of age.  If shipped, we will wait until weather permits air transport.  However, we prefer pick up or personal ground transport to reduce stress of the cat.  Each of our babies leaves our home with an album of their growth progress, health records, CFA registration, adoption papers and lots of love and good wishes for a happy new life.

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